Launched in 2019, creating an open and honest community for first-time parents, and those struggling with mental health. This blog is for those of you wanting to laugh, cry and feel supported on this journey.

If you love advice, tips and honesty you’ll feel right at home here. You will find an encouraging community of supportive parents, first-time mums, single parents, and a fuck ton of swearing. Apologies in advance. I blame my husband, and he blames the army.

Check out my Ectopic Pregnancy series. It is where my journey started, mental health and becoming a mum to an angel baby. My pregnancy series with my rainbow baby is perfect if you need a good laugh. TMI warning for those blog posts, but they are worth the read I promise. Check out my Instagram for daily mummy updates.

This blog will help all new parents with the stress and worries you may face along your journey. We talk a lot about mental health, before and after having a baby. Feel like you have a random symptom in pregnancy but haven’t found many people talking about it? Send me an email, let’s chat! If I feel as though I have a lot to say I’ll do a blog post.

Now who is the girl behind the keyboard? I’m Thia, pronounced Thea NOT Tia. First-time mum, crazy dog mama and Christmas fanatic. I am currently living in Wiltshire but dream about living close to family again. The Honest Mums Club blog is something I’ve wanted to do since suffering with my ectopic and mental health. I am creating a safe space for first time parents to read and chat about this crazy journey we call parenthood. If you’re looking for the good, the bad and the ugly then you’re in the right place. I am still learning as my son is getting older. I will share all the craziness and tricks I learn along the way. This is the best part of watching my son grow, we both learn new things together.

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