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Beach Baby Essentials You Need

June 29, 2019

Going to the beach with a baby can seem pretty daunting. How am I going to carry everything we need? Why am I taking 5 million items to the beach!? Do we really need to take this?

This post is going to let you in on a secret, babies don’t actually need that many things. I only took the necessities, then my mum decided we needed a pop-up tent as well. Which did come in handy when I was fed up of wiping sand out of my son’s butt. He is a total beach baby! Loved it!

So, if you’re within walking distance to the beach you’re going to have to carry everything, right? The struggle is real. Here are my 10 top tips to make your life easier so you can enjoy your holiday!

This post contains affiliate links. I recommend products I love and have tried. Purchasing through the links come at no extra cost to you, they also really help me out!

1. Sunscreen – Protect Your Babies Beautiful Skin!

Now you’re probably sat there like ‘duh’ that’s obvious, but its essential people. The first item I always check for is sunscreen. It is the most important product for me, Emerson’s’ skin needed protection from the blistering heat. I did buy 2 different brands of sun cream as he does have sensitive skin, so I made sure I chose a hypoallergenic/ eczema friendly product. I also reapplied after every time he went in the water to ensure he was always protected. No sun burn for this beach baby! Can’t say the same for me I forgot to put it on one day and burnt my shoulders and back

2. Compact Stroller – Trust Me

Okay so call me crazy but we took our stroller to the beach. It worked perfectly! Great place for the baby to nap too as the hood is UV protected. Trick that my mum taught us too, drag the pram backwards through the sand, works like a dream. Failing that carry the crazy beach baby and fold down your compact stroller and carry it. We purchased the Joie Pact Stroller in Navy Blazer, it’s perfect for travelling with especially as it fits in the overhead luggage space on planes! It’s lightweight too at only 6kg and is suitable for children from birth up to 15kg. We did buy an extra sunshade for it to cover his legs. I didn’t mind it getting sandy as we can easily clean it, plus it was way too hot to hold Emerson to get him to sleep. We would of all been a sweaty mess.

baby boy smiling in joie pact stroller in navy blazer colour

3. Dry Clothes, Nappies & Wipes

I didn’t take my entire nappy bag with me because it was just too much stuff that I knew I wouldn’t need. I took one outfit which was a towelling romper, super cute orange with a lobster hood that was purchased from Marks & Spencer by my mum. A couple of nappies and two packets of wipes, my son gets super messy when he eats his snacks, so I always take extra wipes wherever I go! Having dry clothes for your little ones to change into before walking back to your hotel is a must, especially if you’re using reusable swimming nappies. No baby wants to sit in a soaking wet nappy. The reusable swimming nappies I used were also brought from M&S, I will find ones similar on Amazon for you to check out!

4. Bath Toys

So, entertaining the little sprogs on the beach so they don’t each ALL the sand. Bath toys are the way to go, easy to clean off in the sea to pop in a bag before putting in your beach bag. Then I’d clean them off back at our flat ready for next time. I only took a few small bath toys as our little boy enjoys playing with random stuff like water bottles, keys, water face mist, random I know but he loved it!

5. Swimming Nappies & Large Towel

I love the reusable swimming nappies I bought for Emerson. Cute little red and white striped shorts and little cute colourful pants. Stuck him in one of those and no worries if he peed. Those suckers hold a lot, I did find if he was in it too long after being in the water, he’d kick up a fuss, but I would too. Now the large towel, I love wrapping him up in a big towel after his baths at home. Get him all snuggly and warm, so I figured why not do the same at the beach? Especially as it was quite windy on a couple of days, so he got cold quickly when he was wet. I must admit I prefer a big bath sheet myself, feel cosier than a little skimpy towel that I struggle to cover the bits with.

baby boy inside pop up tent in swimming nappy

6. Small Cool Bag

Get yourself a small cool bag or even an insulated lunch bag, stick something frozen in, add your snacks and away you go! Perfect if you’re planning on having a beach day but don’t want to spend loads of money at the little kiosks, that charge a left arm for a can of Coca Cola. These bags are also brilliant for taking fruit or other snacks for your little ones. We took some fruit and cucumber!

7. Pram Fan

Now this little gadget is the best £8 I’ve ever spent in Aldi! Worked like a dream and clips on to most pushchairs/ prams. Emerson loved it! I say loved, because the little bugger destroyed it slowly by pulling it apart. So definitely don’t let your baby play with it! It worked out well after he pulled the first bit off as it made a loud noise that helped get him to sleep. So, it worked out well! But before Emerson the destroyer turned up, it was amazing. Stuck it in front of him on the stroller bar and he chilled out. Generated enough cool air for him, and then for me at night-time. Yes, I used it, I clipped it onto the drawers and twisted it, so it was right in my face. Perfection!

8. Water/ Milk & Snacks

Hydration was my biggest concern taking my beach baby to a really hot country. I took every bottle & cup I knew he’d drink out of. Sometimes he fancies a straw and sometimes he prefers an open cup. All depends on his mood; I have no idea why. I also started giving him formula on holiday as our breastfeeding journey is coming to an end, which is sad but it’s up to Emerson and I’m following his lead. Snacks are also a must in my family, for everyone, not just the baby! My husband and I get really hangry, which isn’t fun for anyone around us. Fruit and crisps were our go to, then we’d just buy a Cyprus sandwich from our favourite pub Moby Dicks in Mackenzie Beach.

9. Waterproof Wash Bag

This is a random one but so handy. I like to pop my phone, money and camera in. Any bits I don’t want to get wet or sandy. You could also use Ziploc sandwich bags, whichever you prefer. They’re also perfect for those reusable swimming nappies, once they’re off pop them in your waterproof bag. At least then you won’t worry about pee or poop going all over your towels in your beach bag. I didn’t buy a new one I just used one I already had around the house and used the clear plastic bags you have to put all your liquids in at the airport. You could say I’m resourceful.

10. Large Empty Bottles

Another random but definitely worth it, just pop them in the basket of your pushchair. Fill up with water from the sea or fill up from a tap wherever you are staying. I like to do this to rinse the sand off be before walking back to our flat. Chub rub is so real this summer, so rinsing between those lovely thighs is just what I need. Also rinsing your feet as well, because I don’t know about you, but I hate sand rubbing in between my toes. I never used to care but as I’m getting older, I’m fed up of having sand in every crevice of my body. Butt crack included! No-one needs that. Always makes me wonder those women that wear thong bikinis, how is it comfortable? You keep doing you though! You rock it, tan those cheeks girl!

So, I’ve probably missed something completely obvious, but these are my top 10 essentials. Everything that comes to mind when I prepared for a beach day!

What are your beach baby essentials?

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