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Birthing Partner – Becoming A New Dad

September 8, 2019
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I had this idea that I wanted to do an interview style blog, on my husbands experience of being my birthing partner. He was there for it all. I’m thinking of turning this into a mini series on birthing partners and how they found it. So let me know in the comments what you think!

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He was fucking amazing. Rubbing my back for me, telling me off when I didn’t listen to him, helping me breathe through every contraction and everything else that comes with being, not only a birthing partner but a husband too.

This probably won’t be a serious post as that’s not what Kane is like. So expect swearing, probably a vagina joke here and there. Everything I type will be as he answers, which shall be interesting!

So without further ado, introducing to you the one and only Kane. Completely bonkers, my best friend and baby daddy.

Interview With a New Dad – My 1st Birthing Partner

What did you think when I said it was time?

I didn’t think anything and I just figured let’s go get checked. See if anything is actually happening. Honestly didn’t think it was time as he was making us wait anyway. Thought you’d be pregnant for another week.

Was labour what you expected and how did you find it?

It was worse. I was fucking traumatising the beds are way too short for starters. Note to NHS get longer beds. Even if I didn’t want to see it, I still had to. It was okay but tiring staying awake throughout the night. (SIGH. HE’S TIRED. I know ladies, I wanted to pinch that bit under his arm too when he said that.)

What was it like seeing me in pain?

It was hard seeing you like that as I couldn’t physically do anything. I just had to sit there and watch you in pain. Although I was there with you rubbing your back and shit, I couldn’t take the pain away and that sucked.

What was I like during labour?

You were a pain in the arse because you wouldn’t eat any food even though you needed the energy. Then after you gave birth you even said you should of eaten food. No shit sherlock! You were very good though, even though you had no energy and wouldn’t use the gas you still managed to push him out.

Why didn’t you want to watch the birth of your son, down the exciting end?

That’s fucking gross with all the blood *gagging sounds*, plus I wouldn’t be able to get that image out my head for round 2 . If there ever is a round 2. Because we only have sex

How did you feel meeting your son for the first time?

I looked at him and thought he’s my son, and we crack on. On a serious note, I loved him straight away even if he looked nothing like me with his jet black hair. He felt so tiny in my hands, but now seeing other friends babies I know he wasn’t that small! At 8lb 12oz he was just perfect.

What are you excited to do with him as he gets older?

Play football (even if isn’t good at it like his mother), teaching him how to ride a bike. Teaching him the tricks and the trade of adult life, not that I’ve figured it out yet but there you go. I want to take him on adventures to experience new things all the time, let him do whatever sports and activities he wants to do.

Well guys, there you have it. Labour and delivery from a mans perspective. It always makes me laugh as Kane and my mother had different experiences.

As did I, obviously, considering I pushed a watermelon out. A beautiful one at that.

Labour is different for everyone, some women have really traumatic births, some have really short labours, long drawn out labours, therefore yours will probably not be the same as Sally down the road who had everything going on. My best advice to any first time mums is to go into it with a completely open mind, if your birth doesn’t go to plan it’s okay. As long as mum and baby are okay, however the day(s) go, that’s all that matters! Then it’s all about postpartum recovery which is a whole new ball game I never expected.

How did your birthing partners do? Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page.

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