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Birth Partner – Becoming A Nanny

October 9, 2019
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Welcome to part 2 of my birth partner series! If you haven’t already, check out my first post Birthing Partner – Becoming A New Dad. I asked my husband a series of questions to find out how his experience of being in the delivery room was. Now it is my mothers turn, she obviously had a very different experience witnessing her only child give birth. They were both very calming to be around, which was surprising as we are NOT a calm family at all.

Lets not waste anymore time and get right into it! Here is the Birthing Partner Q&A with my mum.

Birth Partner – Mums’ POV

What did you think when you got ‘the call’ from Kane?

I thought ‘Jeez, right now’, I’d only just dropped off to sleep, having done a shift at work, I’d booked holiday the previous two weeks to try and coincide with the predicted birth date, but in true Greek fashion my grandson arrived late. I remember asking Kane how you were, were you at hospital already, how any centimetres you were, how he was, that I would message or call once I was near to the hospital but to keep me informed of any changes.

Was my labour what you expected and how did you find it?

I was fairly surprised, I was expecting writhing on the bed, moaning, screaming, swearing the worst actually, but when I got there everything was calm, the lighting was subtle in the room, there was a radio channel on which was a nice distraction and helped to drown out any noise from other mums giving birth. You were taking gas and air but wasn’t liking the feeling and you still had the fear of vomiting and I think you were worried about that happening. It was a long labour, and at times I was like, come on baby get outta there.

What was it like seeing me in pain?

Its never pleasant to see your child in any type of pain, but unfortunately its what you had to go through to give birth, and you did that extremely well. I was very surprised, as by the time you were ready to push him out the majority of your pain relief had worn off. If I could have taken away your pain I would have.

What was I like during the pushing stage?

This question I will assume you mean when you had to push Emerson out – you were focused, you did want to give up at times, you were encouraged by the hospital staff and did a fantastic job. I think at one point during labour you vomited, this forced you to face your fear, again you got through this and carried on. You didn’t want anyone touching you, you had to find the right position to be able to push him successfully, which you did.

Why did you want to watch down the exciting end?

It funny because I asked myself why I wanted to watch you give birth by positioning myself at the foot of the bed, often you told me to stop looking “down there”, its funny cause my mum, your nan, watched you come into this world, maybe its a maternal thing! Maybe its to do with ensuring that the baby comes out breathing and is healthy and we get the first glimpse in case we then have to comfort the mother, I mean I don’t really know why I wanted to watch him enter the world.

Nanny holding Emerson at 4 hours old
How did you feel meeting your grandson for the first time?

Meeting my grandson for the first time was overwhelming, joyous, emotional, awe inspiring. I couldn’t wait to hold him, and was itching to get ahold of him, he wasn’t mine after all. But I knew my time would come.

What are you excited to teach him as he gets older?

Oh goodness where do I start. Collecting bugs in the garden, potty time, reading, words, cooking, holding a knife and fork, holding a pen. Riding a bike. Question how things work. The list is endless. And I guess as the grandparent it will be easier, than being the actual parent.

Thank you to my amazing mum for always being there for us all! Thank you for being my other birth partner I couldn’t of done it without the two of you! Check out my mums new business venture – The Cakery By Erin. It’s a brand new business but I’d love it if you could show your support by liking her Facebook page. Who doesn’t love cake? Eating it and looking at amazing photos of cakes?

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Should I ask other women on their birth experiences? Let me know in the comments. You can always join my Facebook Page , ask any questions! I started this blog to build a supportive community. Join me on this crazy journey!

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