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Titty Committee

May 2, 2019

Who would have thought there would be a titty committee? Breastfeed your child, all the tit brigade arrives ready to teach you on the issue THEY personally have with you feeding YOUR child in public. Like you can see my beautiful uneven boobs, cracked nipples and breast pads. What can you really see except cleavage really? Also, if you don’t like it don’t look, surely, it’s that simple?

We are all for women empowerment, feeling sexy in the body we’ve got, yet we can’t empower women to breast feed in public? I’ll be honest I only experienced this maybe a couple of times, probably because I have what some people would call a resting bitch face. Plus, I’m almost positive I give a ‘fuck off’ vibe 80% of the time. But to the women that get this abuse please never be put off feeding in public again, don’t let some stranger dictate your baby’s needs. Get those tatas out and be confident!

I knew I wanted to try to breastfeed if I could but didn’t want to get upset if it just wasn’t on the cards for us. I read a lot of info online, but I preferred talking to actual humans about their experiences. I love talking to other mums about how their breastfeeding journey as gone, I totally recommend joining a breastfeeding support group on Facebook, or in your local area. I read some crazy things like roughing up your nipples during pregnancy will help prepare them for breastfeeding. Does that shit really work, I thought it was crazy, so I didn’t do it. If you did and it worked tell me!

Now I know some women choose to go straight to formula which is great, some women need to combi feed which is great, some women breastfeed until 2 years old which again is great. Do you see what I’m doing here? Any way you choose to feed your baby is great, everyone seems to have an opinion on the way someone else is feeding their baby. Why does it matter, if they are loved infinitely and are healthy then whether they’re drinking from a real nipple or a fake one doesn’t matter?

It hasn’t been an easy journey but compared to what many other mothers go through with breastfeeding it has been a walk in the park. The first 4 weeks were hell, I was almost certain I’d wake up one morning and my nipples wouldn’t be attached to my body anymore. Lansinoh nipple cream was my saviour which was recommended by my sister-in-law. I tried a Mothercare own and the Asdas own brand, none were as good as Lansinoh for me. Check out my Amazon links on the bottom of my homepage for multiple Lansinoh products I use #AD

Mentally, breastfeeding is crazy. At least for me it was. Some days I just lost my shit, why was he crying so much when I’m sat there ready to feed him, he wouldn’t latch even though I knew he was hungry. Now I understand the 1000 reasons why he won’t always latch straight away. Wrong position, teething, too hot, too cold and all the many things I must figure out. We get there eventually though, but it honestly just trial and error because who actually knows straight away? If you do teach me your ways!

I never knew how long I wanted to breastfeed for but after a while I stopped thinking about timings and what everyone else thought was an acceptable age to stop breastfeeding. It got too much for me thinking about when to do this and when to do that, when did they stop, should I carry on or not? Since I stopped doing all that my breastfeeding journey became less stressful. Now Emerson is 8 months and we are still breastfeeding, he has less feeds as he is eating food as well #blw. I am so happy I decided to carry on as I know it’s what’s best for my son. He has had some formula with his mealtimes but that caused him to have upset tummy. So, I stopped serving it. That was my decision, no one else’s because guess what? He is my son so therefore I make the decision. As should everyone else, you decide what’s best for your children, don’t let other people sway you.

I would say my husband joins me in decisions like breastfeeding and sharing our bed, but 1. he doesn’t breastfeed so why would he have any say in that? And 2. He doesn’t do night feeds (obviously, unless he magically grew boobs overnight), if he did, he would totally be taking over! Anyway, my point being girls you decide what you want to do, it’s your body, you don’t want to breastfeed that’s fine, you want to breastfeed until 6 months great, you do you! Some women start breastfeeding but have to stop because of their mental health, and you know we should be supporting those women the most!

I have to say the bond I have with my son through breastfeeding is incredible, that quiet time during his feeds where he’s so chilled out is perfect. I did think at the start that I was never going to have alone time or be able to leave him especially as he wouldn’t take a bottle. The truth is I could, maybe not for a whole day but a few hours and he would be fine if I fed him before I left. Now the little monster is crawling around destroying my house, playing independently and is such a happy little boy. I have thought about stopping at one year, but who knows? I’ll let you know once I get there, probably crying because our son is 1!

Did you breastfeed, if so for how long? If not, what made you decide to go with formula, and how did you choose a brand to go with?

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