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First Time Mum – The Girl Behind The Screen

March 7, 2019

An introduction into the crazy mind of Thia. I am a dog lover, first time mum, Christmas obsessed chocolate enthusiast.

first time mum at her wedding.

I’m late for everything, but I run on Greek time so that’s acceptable right?

Welcome to the wonderful world of all the crazy thoughts that run through my mind at 80mph. I’m a Christmas obsessed, loud mouth, dog loving, first time mum!

I like to tell people I’m a young-ish mum, as I am only 22. Although I don’t feel young and carefree like many other 22 year olds. I’m married, I have a mortgage and I have dog, Tara, who I am obsessed with, so is my husband! My phone is full of cute photos of her.

Tara is my first baby #doglover #labrador

As you can probably tell this is my first time writing a blog, usually I like to write things down where no one else will be able to read what’s going on in my head. But, I am hoping by doing this I can at least help one person that may be experiencing the same things I did at the start of this pregnancy. I say ‘this’ pregnancy as it is my second, my first was ectopic which resulted in having keyhole surgery, having one of my Fallopian tubes and the pregnancy removed. As you can imagine that was pretty traumatic for me, but in my next blog post I will tell my story on how it effected me emotionally and physically.

What can you expect out of my blog as a first time mum?

I’d love to give you a specific rundown of everything I will speak about, but I want to keep my options open, you know? Also I would love it (once people actually start reading this), if you could tell me subjects you would like me to discuss and give an opinion from my point of view.

black labrador looking at camera , cute dog photo

My main goal though is to help mums & dads that suffer from anxiety and/or agoraphobia. I’m going to be completely honest about my highs & lows, mostly lows in my first trimester. How I have managed to get to where I am today with the help of family, friends, also a treatment plan I did and still do.

You don’t have to be a young parent to read this, mental health effects people of all ages and backgrounds. All you need to know is even if your 18 or 45 you’re not alone in feeling the way you do.

In each pregnancy blog post I will include some of the comments and suggestions I have received since I got preggo or up the duff as my husband likes to say. Please feel free to share yours too, we could all do with a laugh. Especially in the 3rd trimester when all you want to do is walk around naked eating everything you see! At least I do. My husband avoids me when he’s eating food, well tries to anyway. The dog & I sniff him out and force him to share.

So if you would like to hear my journey through pregnancy, having this baby and how I will manage life with a newborn, then please subscribe for email updates every time I post something new.


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