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Parenthood – Why It Sucks Sometimes

December 17, 2019

You ever wake up and have an immediate sense of dread? Mainly because your child is already crying or shouting about something. My ears already cringing with the sounds that I never knew could exit a child’s tiny mouth. That’s parenthood, just kidding! Sort of.

Parenthood – In The Real World

I have these days where I just know it’s going to be a shit one and my son is having a particularly emotional one. Having emotions is perfectly fine and yes we should all be able to let them out.

But hear me out a second, when your child is non stop screaming for food, so you have to miraculously pull a lunch together. In record time I might add, to try hand it to your food monster, for them to push it away and scream more. I lost my shit, questioning my one year old like it’s interrogation time, knowing full well he’s not going to buckle under the pressure or answer me!

Their cuteness is definitely deceiving!

Only for him to want to grab the plate him fucking self! That’s what the meltdown was, after I let him grab his food out the cupboard or fridge we were all good. Meltdown completely forgotten about.

He’s happily munching away on a lunch that I quite like the look of, but god forbid I take a bite. Even though as mums we share ALL our food, unless we eat in secret or stuff our faces during nap time.

Read about my sons first year in his birthday post – A Letter To My Son

Meltdown Central

You know what else, I’m almost positive that he’s in terrible two’s already. How could he possibly be, you ask? The kid is advanced, I’m not saying that to brag or show off, if anything I actually didn’t like that my son decided to walk at 9 months old.

Any parent with an early walker will tell you it’s not all rainbows! Sure it was amazing and we were super proud. BUT, being able to walk opens up a whole new world, (she sings as Princess Jasmine out of Aladdin), everything is available for them to explore.

Don’t even get me started on the climbing, if I didn’t remember the birth of my 8lb 12oz baby, then I’d think I’d been given a monkey instead!

The kid loves window sills, all that space to jump up and down on, dive off of onto a bed or our sofa. My son has no fear whatsoever, sometimes I tell stories of the shit he does and I honestly feel like some people don’t believe me. That or they’re totally shocked that I just let him do it, but have you ever tried to dive across the room to catch your son midair?

It’s harder than you think, especially when your dog thinks you’re playing a game too and gets in the way! Emerson wasn’t hurt in his sofa diving session, he used a cushion to hold onto to break his fall. The kids smart.

Shitty Days During Parenthood

My point in all this is that it’s okay to have shitty days and admit to them. If you speak to other parents and they say their kids never have tantrums or breakdowns then either they’re lying, their kids are psychopaths (which some are, trust me) or they have magical unicorn children.

Admitting to the shitty days and sharing our stories is good for the soul! It’s almost like knowing other kids are little shits too, makes life with your own monster not seem that awful. I love hearing about other crazy kids, what they get up to that nearly give their parents heart attacks.

What Did I Envision My Son To Be Like

I remember being pregnant and thinking having a boy would be so much fun! All the games we could play together, how loving he would be and all the cuddles!!

Now he does love his cuddles but only on his terms, the best time is after a nap and he will sit and cuddle for maybe 30 minutes. It’s heaven! On the other hand I never imagined he’d be a little stinker, raising his little eyebrow every time we tell him no. His cheeky little smile knowing he’ll still do it and make us laugh in the end. He knows what he’s doing, and he’ll run away if he finds something he shouldn’t have.

Although he’s brought even more crazy to our lives we wouldn’t change it. Our lives were destined to be filled with chaos, that’s probably what we get for both being loud mouthed & insane.

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