Pregnant During A Pandemic – Part 1

April 18, 2020

The world is a crazy place right now, and for those of us who are pregnant or just giving birth. It seems 10x as scary. The unknown of what will happen and how we can try to avoid catching Covid-19. Let me tell you something though, becoming a mum is an incredible experience and even if it doesn’t go to plan, it’ll all work itself out. Take it a day at time, if you have a crappy day – start fresh the following morning. Here’s the first part of my journey on being pregnant during a pandemic.

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Pregnant During A Pandemic – Second Trimester Fun

I’ll be honest I had no idea where to start this blog posts, there’s so much to say but I also don’t want to add stress to other pregnant women. But this is my reality of being pregnant during a pandemic.

I have been off work since 17th March, so just over 1 month and it’s been super strange. Almost like starting maternity leave but super duper early.

I am currently in my second trimester at 26 weeks. Read My Pregnancy Announcement Here. This pregnancy has gone quick for me thanks to having a crazy toddler to look after. Feeling movement is incredible as well, which also keeps me distracted mentally. Overthinking is my downfall, but that comes with the anxiety & agoraphobia. Knowing my triggers has helped me immensely over the last few years, trying to rationalise with myself and knowing how to control my triggers. It’s hard but most of the time it’ll work. What do you do to switch off your thoughts?

Save To Your Pinterest Board

The only good thing about all this is that it has bought so many people together, people I would never of spoken to before or asked for help from. My son drinks oat milk and that shit is either too expensive in our local shop or hard to find in Lidl. I put a message out on a help the community group on Facebook and two incredible women were able to get hold of some for us! Also my lovely work mum has dropped off a bunch of oat milk, miss that crazy lady.

It is hard, I honestly respect stay at home parents so much more than I did before. My child drives me crazy some days, the other day we had a 40 minute meltdown, I almost started crying with him. I’m exhausted, frustrated, and HUNGRY!

I forgot about the second trimester hunger!

Baby Showers Are Cancelled

Have you had to cancel your baby shower due to Coronavirus? I’m so so sorry if you have, I’ll be honest I wasn’t planning on having one although I have created my Amazon Baby Wishlist. Just items I need second time around that I no longer have or ran out of.

I totally recommend creating one and sharing with friends & family. Or even creating a post in any mum groups you may be in. The wish lists have been circulating on social media and I joined in on one. Order a few little items for a total stranger on twitter as it was her birthday coming up! Spreading kindness during these times is what we all need!

Drive by baby showers are a thing now too, I believe they started in America. If you have family & friends near by maybe plan one of these. Obviously respecting the social distancing rules, to ensure you’re all safe.

Working During This Chaos

Now this whole Covid-19 pandemic is scary stuff, if you say it’s not then you’re lying or crazy. I’ll let you be the judge on that one. Luckily the company I work for were really understanding of why I didn’t want to go in once they categorized pregnant women as higher risk. That and my doctor strongly recommended he sign me off for the 12 weeks, as I am a key worker in retail so coming into contact with the public 8 hours of a day isn’t great.

It does suck though, I wish I was at work helping them all and seeing other people! My husband is also a key worker and driving all day, which has added stress to our home live. I’m so paranoid I make him take all his clothes off at the front door and leave them there. Then I spray everything down with Dettol spray and Zoflora, including his shoes, clothes and car keys. I’m totally addicted to the Country Garden scent from Zoflora.

Are you missing work? Work colleagues or just being out the house?

Midwife Appointments & Scans

Baby number 2 announcement
Pregnancy No.2 Announcement

Okay I will prewarn you as my opinion on this is different to a lot of women. I know it is heart-breaking for a lot of women that they are having to go alone to appointments and scans. Partners wanting to be there but can’t, especially when it’s the first time, everything is new and you both want to be involved.

Now for me, I don’t mind going to midwife appointments and scans alone if I need to. The first time round my husband only came to the first 8 week appointment, which was the longest one and he got so bored. He could only make it to the 12 week scan but not the 20 week one. Having said that my mum did make it to that one as she was down visiting us. The rest of my midwife appointments I went to alone, which worked out better. Kane frustrates me when he’s huffing & puffing next to me.

This time he missed our first scan, because we got stuck in traffic and then I was late so he dropped me off to find parking. The one time the appointments are on time, he’s parking and getting a mad toddler out the car. I’d already gone in before he arrived, it was okay though. I didn’t feel upset or annoyed that he wasn’t in there, we got pictures and I told him how mad this baby is as well. He was fine about missing it, looked through the photos and that was it.

I do agree with all the mum’s that being alone for monitoring sucks. I haven’t experienced that yet, but I did go a few times with Emerson towards the end due to reduced movements. If I have to go alone this time, it would increase my anxiety by 1000, but I’d FaceTime my husband or mum whilst I’m there so I have someone to talk to. Please make sure you’re phoning or visiting to your midwife if you are concerned about movement!

Check out my previous post on What I Have Noticed Since Lockdown Started. There are some cheeky discounts at the end for my favourite small businesses!

Who Can Say They’ve Been Pregnant During A Pandemic?

We can! Isn’t that crazy, never did I think I would be saying those words. Or living through it, imagine when all our babies are older and we explain the journey we went through to get them here.

I know it’s not what you planned or wanted. Especially if this is your first pregnancy, but going through tough times always makes you stronger. You just have to want to get through it, want to stay positive even when everything is crumbling. I don’t have all the answers but you mental health is so important right now, especially for you and your baby. Do all the things you love, we have all this time so why not use it to pamper ourselves! Binge watch your favourite shows, eat that whole chocolate bar – or 2 KitKat’s like me!

I can’t stress enough how staying in contact with friends and family, will help you feel a little less lonely. Phone them everyday if you need to, I am! Sorry mum, nan and everyone else. I miss arguing with customers and having a chit chat with my work colleagues, but I still check in with them all. If you’re having a crappy day phone someone or if you have children already, do something that they love too!

Nothing cheers me up more than listening to Emerson giggle, or his concentration face when he’s learning something new.

I’d love to hear how you are getting on, anything you are doing to get through this especially if it is your first pregnancy? Let’s catch up over on Instagram, I will be doing polls throughout this journey to stay in touch with you all!

New & Pregnant Mums’ Coming Together

This is amazing to see! I remember the first time around I was bombarded with how I should do this or that. What not to do with my baby, what I should do, it was crazy. It honestly drove me mad! I’m not seeing much of this now, but what I am seeing is women coming together to support each other and offering advice.

Which is what we all need, but just remember if something doesn’t feel right for you & your baby that’s totally fine. No-one should tell you how to raise your children, I didn’t listen to the majority of what my close family told me to do. For 2 reasons, 1- I really don’t enjoy being told to do something a certain way & 2- it just didn’t feel right to me. Can you imagine if we raised children the same way?!

I’ve come to the conclusion that being pregnant during a pandemic is going to be a crazy rollercoaster ride for all of us. We just have to support one another through it.

I am tagging Lucy from over at Oreos & Gin to talk about Being Pregnant During A Pandemic.

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