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Pumpkin Picking – The Reality

October 27, 2019

We all love a good pumpkin picking day out, don’t we? Running around a field, desperately trying to find the PERFECT pumpkin to carve. It is officially a tradition for my friends and I, we went last year when Emerson was only a month old! Makes me emotional thinking about how fast the last year has gone. Anyway last year was super cute and a lot easier, even if I did drive us to the wrong place. It was literally someone’s farm that had maybe 5 pumpkins, which you just had to pick off a truck.

2018, pumpkin picking

Pumpkin Picking, 1 Year Later

This year was a whole new ball game. A 1YR old and a 2YR old, 4 adults, one car and 2 wheelbarrows. As you can imagine it was one crazy outing, that lasted 2 hours I think?

In all honesty we all had a great time pumpkin picking. The sun was shining, we brought snacks for the mini gremlins, all our phones had battery to take obligatory pumpkin photos. Which by the way, why is this a thing? At what point did we decide, I fucking know what is great, shoving this pumpkin into my child’s arms to take a photo!? What do the kids think, that we’ve all lost our marbles and big orange blobs are great photo companions?

Firstly I was driving my husbands car, which when you’re 5ft 2, feels like a damn spaceship! The anxiety I had driving that car, after he had given me a run down of what I cannot do with his car. Like I was purposely going to drive into another car or something. Men, huh? Anyway after driving around attempting to pick my 1st friend and her little boy up. I decided to get petrol and figure out where the heck I was going to park this fucking spaceship sized car. Why is his car so long anyway!? 20 minutes later we figured it out, and were on our way to grab the other two. Squeezing everyone’s booty into the car was great fun, once it was figured it out, off we went! I was getting so excited I could of peed my pants, thank god for Kegel exercises!

Don’t Forget The Kegels

Don’t forget to do them ladies, you’ll thank me later.

Anyway, we grab our wheelbarrows and what a brilliant idea to place the kids in them. Instead of lugging them around knowing they’ll what to get down every 5 seconds. We were off to a great start then one child actually falls out the wheelbarrow, after his mum tilted it on accident. My hands were slipping and I tried moving my hand up, and dropped the wheelbarrow to one side. Luckily my little pumpkin did not fall out, thanking all my lucky stars. My child tends to live the dramatic side of life just like his mama.

We are furiously hunting for our perfect pumpkins, you know the ones. Some cute white ones too, ready for the Halloween photos. Which will be our very own Halloween tradition, since I started it last year with Emerson outside our front door. Never did I think I’d spend £12 on essentially a large squash, but you bet your ass I did, without a second thought. Until now, staring at these pumpkins wishing they’d just carve themselves.

Feed The Beasts

Photo opportunities were taken every chance there was. Which was great, trying to control two kids, a self timer and making sure we were all looking in the right direction. We totally looked like some dysfunctional family.

2019, Fordingbridge

The one thing you aren’t told is the near death experience of actually finding the pumpkins. Tripping over all the roots, plummeting to a prickly death. I am totally being dramatic, but I shit you not tripping over with a baby in your arms, is enough to make your butt clench so tight that you don’t shit yourself on the way down. Emerson did manage to fall flat on his face an scratch one side of his face. To which Eddie proceeded to lay himself on the floor above his face into the ground and scream like Emerson did. We all had a good giggle at his antics, he is one cheeky little boy!

No babies were actually hurt in the making of this trip! If they cried they were easily pleased with snacks. If in doubt, feed the beasts.

– The Honest Mums Club

Check out Fordingbridge Pumpkin Picking Patch. Feel free to join me over on my Facebook Page & Instagram.

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