What I Have Noticed Since Lockdown Started

April 21, 2020

I have been tagged by two fellow bloggers to write about the things I have noticed about lockdown. Check out their blogs here; Miss Tilly and Me & Tummy 2 Mummy.

We all view the world differently especially during these crazy times, and I think until Covid-19 affects you directly you don’t fully understand the effects it has on individuals. Unfortunately my mum contracted Covid-19 from somewhere, most likely work. It was scary, for all of us but especially her as she lives alone. Which made us all panic trying to stay in contact with her constantly even though she was completely exhausted. She has since recovered and luckily didn’t spend any time in ICU. She did take a trip to the hospital where the NHS staff were incredible but I’ll get more into the NHS shortly.

Here’s a few things I’ve noticed so far during lockdown.

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The World Is Full Of Idiots

Who knew people would panic buy toilet paper? During a virus outbreak?! I honestly cannot fathom what people must of been thinking to buy so much loo roll? Also where are they storing all their bulk purchases?

When the virus first broke out in England I have to admit I wasn’t that worried about it. Probably because I never watch the news anyway so I didn’t have a lot of information. But then I’d see videos and photos of empty shelves and pictures of the elderly that were struggling to find their basic items that they always buy. That’s when I started to panic, what if I couldn’t buy enough food? My husband and son eat A LOT!

I’d also ran out of all the types of pasta I usually buy. We love it, also I use different types for a mixture of meals. So I had to buy a couple different bags and a packet of spaghetti. THE LOOKS I GOT, hilarious. I could feel people judging me when I popped my items down at the till. A middle aged couple glared at me. I was so confused because before the whole “bulk buying” no one would of cared, or noticed all the people that buy a couple of packets of certain food items at a time.

I would love to know if those of you that panic bought a lot of food, did you eat it all? If you didn’t you should be ashamed of yourselves. If you got into a fight/argument over loo roll, seriously?

Also one last thing for my rant, stay 2 metres away from others. It really isn’t hard, and if I say excuse me that means you’re definitely too close. I have bump as well so need extra room people.

We Are Beyond Lucky & Take A Lot For Granted

Do you miss just popping out to the shop? Or going for a drive when you’re feeling stressed, I do! It’s crazy how many things we take for granted. In ever thought I wouldn’t be bale to just pop to Homesenseand have a look around with Emerson on my days off. Or stopping at Costa to satisfy my ham & cheese toastie cravings.

What do you miss the most that you took for granted?


I’ve never really had any issues with NHS before, the wait times in A&E would suck but that was always expected. Now I am so happy to see the love and support for our NHS, I just hope it carries on after this is over. I hope they get the recognition they deserve, the pay increase they need etc. They also are there for all those we have lost due to Covid-19, they have sat with them whilst they took their last breaths when their families couldn’t. I honestly don’t understand how they are doing it, not just once but daily.

clap for nhs text written over neutral colour rainbow

My mum was incredibly appreciative of the way they helped her, after she phoned 111 regarding her symptoms as she couldn’t breathe normally. They sent an ambulance to her, even though it took two hours she understood why. We all kept in contact with her whilst she waited. The paramedics that arrived were kind and considerate, same as those that looked after her whilst she was checked and tested in hospital for possible Covid. I am so happy she had people looking after her that actually cared and helped her as much as they could.

Clap for the NHS is heart-warming too, and Captain Tome Moore walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday to raise money for the NHS. I cried, it’s amazing to see what people can do when we stand together.

Communities Coming Together

I am loving the community support groups over social media and I have had to use them to ask for help. We were running out of oat milk for our son, and due to the restrictions on only being able to purchase a couple as a time it meant we were having to go to the shops more.

I put a post out encase anyone could grab a few bottles when they did their weekly shops and two amazing women came to our rescue! Just transferred the money into their banks and they even dropped off at our door on their way home.

People are getting food for those that are isolating or just are unable to get to the shops for numerous reasons. Our neighbourhood is trying to do activities for the children, putting pictures up in windows and this weekend they have planned a “zoo trip”. We all choose an animal and pop toys, pictures, information outside for all the children to walk around and read etc. I think a lot of adults are forgetting how hard it must be for them not being able to see their friends & family. Playing outside together in the sun. Hopefully they can soon.

We are all making a conscious effort to stay in touch with family and friends, which is lovely to see! Thank god we have technology during all this.

Supporting Small Businesses

Since all clothing stores have closed, I have been window shopping and actually shopping online. I have been so excited to start buying baby girl items but I tend to find it harder online as I love to feel the clothes and see them in person first.

This is where small businesses come in! Since I have more time on my hands to scroll through my phone, mainly on Instagram. I had already gone through Emerson’s clothes beforehand and knew we only needed to purchase a few outfits in each size, some new onesies and muslins. So I decided to start support smaller businesses, even though it can be a little more pricey I know it’s for a good reason. They need the help more than ever right now.

I understand people are totally against online shopping due to the current situation but at the end of the day we can’t let our economy collapse, and there are a lot of us that need baby items? I am not purchasing items for the sake of it or because I have nothing else to do.

Here are a few of the small businesses I have purchased from whilst on lockdown, they have beautiful products to choose from and do offers/discount when they can;

Here are the bloggers I challenge to talk about what it is they have noticed since being in lockdown.

  • Little White Threads – check out her charity rainbow range, from baby grows to mama tee’s. They’re beautiful designs and £3 from every item is being donated to charity.
  • Mum2Be UK – Use the code 10OFF for 10% your orders! Their website products are beautiful. (No commission is earned through this code. Just save yourself some money mamas!)
  • My Vintage Kid – (use the code rep30 to receive 30% off ) I don’t earn commission through the code. Emerson is a brand rep.
  • Snuggle Baby

Being Tilly’s Mummy & Saving Moving Mummy

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  • Reply Jaya Avendel April 21, 2020 at 8:25 pm

    What a fun tag! I took libraries and walking downtown for granted. I took meeting up and hugging friends for granted.
    It has been eye opening to see how much we forget to be grateful for, but inspiring at the same time to see families bond in isolation.

    • Reply thehonestmumsclub April 21, 2020 at 9:07 pm

      It definitely has been eye opening to say the least. Hopefully we all come out much stronger!

  • Reply Tamra Cater April 21, 2020 at 11:28 pm

    Good post! I think I learned a lot of the same things during lockdown. We definitely do take a lot of things for granted such as just being able to go sit down at a restaurant or pop into a store. But it’s great that families may bond more during this time.

  • Reply Sophie April 23, 2020 at 11:06 pm

    So sorry your mum got it but I’m very glad she’s doing better now. The community element is amazing. My nan sent me a video tonight of their 8pm clap on her street, a guy had brought an old cd player out and they were all singing in the street. The stockpiling was crazy! One week before they put limits on certain items my Sainsbury’s delivery driver told me he’d delivered 6 24 packs of toilet roll to one elderly woman who lived alone earlier that week. This is probably just the food blogger in me talking here but the thing I’m looking forward to the most is being able to do a regular food shop without a million things being out of stock! x


    • Reply thehonestmumsclub April 24, 2020 at 2:35 pm

      Thank you. Oh that’s so sweet of them bet they all had fun singing!
      Yes I can agree but more so because my mum is a baker and she’s struggling to get ingredients just so she can keep coming up with new recipes. It’s a crazy time!x

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