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What its really like travelling with a baby

June 6, 2019

Our first family holiday was amazing, and it was exactly what my husband and I needed! To get out on the beach, cocktails in hand and all the food we could eat!

If I told you how many times, I googled tips and tricks on how to travel with a 9-month-old you’d laugh at me! I’m an extremely anxious flyer, like getting the nervous shits beforehand and ‘shaking like a shitting dog’ as my husband would say. I was terrified of how I was going to mentally cope with travelling with a baby. Not because I was anxious of how Emerson would cope, but because I didn’t want to be incredibly anxious that I couldn’t look after him properly. I’m so glad that my mum and husband were there to help, relaxing me that tiny bit that they could. Thanks guys!

Now travelling with a baby, you ask. How to do it, how to make it stress free? I haven’t got the answers to those questions unfortunately because you see all babies are different! What worked for my son may not work for you. My son is full of beans all the time, he’s not one of those babies that is interesting in watching films or baby programmes on a phone or tablet. Which helps calm some down, but no no not my little sproggling. He needs to release his energy in the only way I would expect any child of mine to do. Talking, or more like shouting about his day like I can understand the language that is exiting that tiny little mouth of his. Makes for an interesting time though, I have to say.

Even though we had an early morning flight and had to be at the airport for 5am, he still had that energy. I suggest letting your baby crawl down the aisle, because why does everyone else on the plane get to walk up and down but not your baby!? Ignore the looks and let your baby live their life on the wild side, on that lovely dirty floor. Because guess what? You can clean your babies’ hands straight after, you can easily pick the little monsters up if someone is trying not to pee their pants because they waited too long to go to the loo. Plus, how exciting for your baby, it’s a whole new world down there, queue the Aladdin music! (I know you’re singing it because I am!)

Now back to the anxiety filled Thia who loves a good’ole list! I wrote down everything I thought Emerson would possible need on the flight. I wanted to be prepared for any version of him we’d be getting that morning. Changing bag was heavy as shit but I’d carry whatever he needed me to. I knew if I was physically prepared for anything he may need, that would help calm one part of my brain. The other part was still having a breakdown.

It’s the waiting in the airport to board the plane that’s the worst for me. I’ll even go as far as saying I hate it, I really do. I’m not quite sure why, but that gets to me the most. I did take travel sickness tablets this time which were great as they put me straight to sleep, and Emerson was taking his first nap on me. Just one tablet and as I was alright tired anyway that extra dose of drowsiness worked a treat. Surprisingly I was completely fine after our mini nap. I have no idea what happened, but I think because I was so focused on entertaining Emerson it distracted me from thinking holy fuck I’m trapped on a plane. I even got up to pee a few times! Gold star for me 🌟. That’s probably normal for most but when my anxiety is high, I don’t want to move, I’d hold that pee in until I’m off the death trap. Dramatic and totally unhealthy for my bladder I know. But I’m getting better!

The rest of the flight went pretty well, we played with his toys and his ear defender headphones that didn’t really stay on his head as it was basically another game. Putting them on and taking them off. Let me tell you babies love repetitive games.

Honestly though he did so good and I had a proud parent moment when he had two nice long naps and didn’t really cry much. I was prepared for him to cry the whole way and I even had arguments with other passengers planned out in my head. If you’re one of those passengers that throws dirty looks to parents on planes, then I suggest you stop now. It’s not like we want our babies to be upset and screaming until they turn purple, offer a smile or words of encouragement. Or a shot of vodka. I’d take all three.

Especially on the flight back, that was a complete and utter shit show. All that drama will be my last post of my holiday blogs as I want to document how much fun we had on our first family holiday.

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